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Troubleshoot faulty running agents automagically?

Question asked by Vic_H on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2019 by xwin

What's a good way to go about detecing and automating some workflows to ensure the Snow Inventory Agent is always running on end-user machines?

A local task set to check for process running and if not running do X action?

So far I've identified that the rules files for webmetering may get corrupted in some fashion and the Agent refuses to start until these are deleted.

Other times it might be a overall system issue failing for the service to start, in a few cases we had to stop the WMI service and then start the Agent and restart the WMI service. Those same devices are working fine after restarts (but failed to start after restarts prior to doing this).


In the event these remediation steps are failing... how could we go about creating some kind of alert to follow-up on this actively instead of waiting for SLM to show the devices are X days not reporting with no information why?