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Snow Inventory 5 Agent Deployment

Question asked by Viktors Advocate on Jul 5, 2017
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Have a problem with agent deployment, using Snow Inventory Admin Console.

I have got msi package from Snow support. Windows agent (5.1.1.) was installed on a server (server, where SI5 is installed). 

I also imported snowagent.config into Snow Inventory Admin Console using Import from File functionality.

In test purposes, I have tried to deploy the agent with imported configuration to another server (SQL server, which is used for Snow purposes), but got this kind of error:


2017-07-05T16:07:52+03:00;discovery-deployment;;;;Connecting to [xx.x.x.19] using windows authentication of server...
2017-07-05T16:07:54+03:00;discovery-deployment;;;;Deployment connection test on [xx.x.x.19] failed, exit code [-6].


I also checked telnet to SQL server with ports for file and printer sharing (445 and 139) - both are opened.

User is on Administrator group on the server, where Snow Inventory 5 is installed (so he has Local Administrator privileges). Hostname of SQL server is known.

I also can connect to the SQL server remotely. 


Any ideas? 


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