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Do you archive or delete?

Question asked by arbleb Advocate on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by mark.potts

New to SNOW and digging through our installation.  We are out of licenses which, from what I can tell, makes getting useful data out of SNOW difficult because we have thousands of machines that are not reporting in.


Looks like we currently set machines to "inactive" as opposed to "delete".  However, I see there is another option to "archive" these machines.  I like the idea of archiving, BUT - it sure seems like the automated process within SNOW easily supports deleting a computer record, but archiving would require me manually checking hundreds of boxes on a regular basis and choosing archive.


Any argument for/against archiving versus deleting that justifies the manual step?


Also, if anybody knows - in the SMACC I have the following Basic settings:




etc ...


Then I have



etc ...


Which takes precedence or should I set when trying to delete computer records?


Thank you!