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Search for Objects in SLM 8

Question asked by Sunny.Singh on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by adam.mnich

Hi all,


We have a customer that has a large number of objects in Snow. We have recently upgraded their platform from SLM 7 to SLM 8. They previously searched for specific object types via 'search for objects' in SLM 7 which listed all objects of a specific type. In SLM 8 the search for objects does not list all records and the following message is displayed if the search is too broad ( this was not the case in SLM 7):


Search returned too many records, please narrow your search. 


Is anyone able to advise what the limit of records that can be displayed in this search? And is there a way to increase this limit so that all available records are listed?


Many thanks


Sunny Singh