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License form: "based on installation" vs. "based on total devices"

Question asked by alexander.butzlaff Advocate on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by mattias.eriksson

Hi all,


I've got a question concerning the license form of an application. Example Microsoft Project: Per definition the application is licensed by device. That is, I have to count all devices that have Project installed. That also means that I have the right to execute multiple installations per device. So as far as I understand, the application needs to be assigned the license form based on total devices, not based on installations; since in case there is a device with two installations of Project (e.g. Project 2016 AND Project 2010), License Manager would count two consumptions.

However, when I assign based on total devices and recalculate compliance, the tool doesn't note any consumption of Microsoft Project at all.


Am I missing something here? Or do I just misinterpret the available license forms?