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Pre-recognized applications on SMACC

Question asked by Morgado on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Michael.Hambsch



Could someone provide an overview on how the data visible in SMACC \ Software \ Pre-recognized applications is generated?


We are troubleshooting a long time error that is related to Pre-recognized tab be showing applications that are no longer installed in the devices. Is this information coming from where? What's the difference between Installed Application tab?


As we are running different connectors (Bigfix and Ivanti) at same time in the devices (Not snow agent installed), I had the impression that pre-recognized information was coming up from BigFix.


How can we drill down from where an specific application from a device is coming up in terms of source? We are speaking about entries that then show up in SLM (applications installed) but if we look into Edit Computer and Identified files they are not there.


Could these be registry entries? Leftovers from wrong installations?


Thanks in advance.