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VDA License requirements for Virtual Desktop Access

Question asked by carola.iberl Advocate on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by carola.iberl

I noticed some strange behaviour in SLM with calculating license requirement for VDA.

SLM tells us, that we are incompliant regarding Windows Virtual Desktop Access, while in my opinion we are licensed correctly.

Our virtual desktops are marked as VDI in snowagnet.config, so the agent is collecting metering data and the devices that have accessed that virtual desktop. But I now noticed for a lot of our virtual desktops the virtual desktop itself is listed as accessing device and SLM calculates a VDA requirement for itself.
For example Report "All devices that have accessed a VDI" shows
Device/Computer     Last VDI used 
W0111                      W0111


Already the *.snowpack of W0111 shows itself in softwaremetering as deviceid


Has anybody an idea how this can happen?

I talked to one of our users but he told me he used mstsc to access the virtual desktop from his physical Laptop. The physical laptop is licensed by Windows 10 Enterprise including SA.


Is this perhaps a bug or is it caused by the configuration in snowagent.config?
    <Setting key="metering.is_enabled" value="true"/>
    <Setting key="env.is_virtual_desktop_infrastructure" value="true"/>
Do we need to deactivate softwaremetering, when VDI is enabled?