Alert Builder, Licence Entry Wizard?

Discussion created by MalW on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Rory Canavan

Good Morning, Everyone!

Just had some inspiration for improving Snow - and I thought this might be the first place to raise it.

Some missing features that I think would be useful:


1. Alert Builder:

I would like to Add alerts to my Snowboard, which tell me if an Oracle Server is using an option it is not licenced for, but there is no way to do this.. How about an "Alert Builder" that allows you to create a alert against an attribute.


2. Licence Entry Wizard:

Learning how to enter licence details into Snow is not easy - it can be done in many different ways.  How about a licence entry wizard, which be configured for some of the more common apps?  Maybe making it configurable, like the "Alert Builder" above, allowing a user to safe a profile file, that could be shared through SnowGlobe, so that other users could benefit?


Please correct me if anything like this already exists...:-)