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Quick way to get a clean SLM DB for a lab?

Question asked by ken.staude Advocate on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by ken.staude

Does anyone know of a faster way to get a "Fresh SLM Database" without having to do a net new installation via installer? I have a customer looking to work with a lab environment that was 1:1 duplicated, and would like to wipe all production data for testing.


For something like computers as an example, you could just go to "All Computers" > Select All > Delete. However doing this for 9,000 devices, you'd be able to do a max of 1000 devices x 9 without changing the max display (default 1000 in SMaCC). Doing for computer, users, agreements, licenses could be pretty tedious. 


Curious if there is any stored procedure / SQL script to wipe this information without needing to go the manual route. #