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Snow Update Service - where to find 'view update history' data for automation

Question asked by MR on Jun 20, 2019
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probably missing the correct log file, but:

If you start 'Snow Update Service' there is a 'View update history'.

Depending on the node SUS is running on (SI, SLM, ...) you see the latest update of (a) component(s).

Tried all sorts of logfiles in '?:\Program Files\Snow Software\Logs', 'C:\Programdata\Snow Software\'.


I would like to check ( externally, e.g. PowerShell ) automatically the location where this data is stored.

This would enable an automatic trigger if a change occurred to do a quick check if all is working properly or things get changed (like SLM custom.css getting overwritten, see CS0039928) and I have to (re)set my modifications.



Marcel Rijsbergen