Installing Snow Software Platform Core

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If you are installing a new installation of the Snow Software Platform from scratch, you need to follow a specific sequence  to get the installation to complete properly. 


This article does not include the preparation steps to get the server/s ready for installation or how to configure the Snow Software Platform.


This article refers to the sequence of installing the Snow Software Platform core and upgrading it to the latest available product releases.


Installation Media: 


Details for installing prerequisite software, operating system roles and features are available within the following product documentation:

Installation sequence:
NOTE: Installing the Snow License Manager 9.0.1 requires a minimum of Snow Inventory 6.0.4 (Aka 6.0.04) or above. It will work with Snow Inventory 6.0.4 and 6.0.5 (Aka 6.0.04 and 6.0.05). The catch is that the Snow License Manager 9.0.1 (Aka 9.0.01) install will not work with Snow Inventory 6.0.6 (Aka 6.0.06).


If you try to install Snow License Manager 9.0.1 (Aka 9.0.01) against a Snow Inventory - Master Server 6.0.6 (Aka 6.0.06), you will receive the following error:


  1. Install Snow Inventory 6.0.0 and then install Inventory Server - Master Server 6.0.0 (Aka 6.0.00).
  2. Perform software update within the Snow Update Service (SUS) to update Snow Inventory to either 6.0.4 or 6.0.5 (Aka 6.0.04 or 6.0.05). Using either the SUS online update or offline update methods. NOTE: Do not upgrade to Snow Inventory 6.0.7 (Aka 6.0.07)
  3. Install Snow License Manager 9.0.1 (Aka 9.0.01).
  4. Perform Snow Update Service (SUS) to update Snow Inventory to 6.0.7 (Aka 6.0.07), Snow License Manager to  9.3.1 (Aka 9.3.01), DIS Rule Updates and SMACC Update.
  5. Perform SRS update within the SUS.
  6. Install the Snow Integration Manager 5.16.2

The core installation of the Snow Software Platform is complete. 


Please let me know if you have encountered this issue, have any issues with the process described in this article or any suggestions.