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SNOW Agent 6.2.0 and PowerShell version issue

Question asked by Mark.Walther Advocate on Jun 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by tom.lineen

I wanted to bring this issue to everyone's attention. Especially if you are using PowerShell scripts in your SNOW Agent. We recently started rolling out SNOW Agent version 6.2.0. We have 6 PowerShell scripts as part of that agent. 


Apparently SNOW has changed the minimum version requirements for PowerShell (it is referenced in the latest agent documentation):

PowerShell scripting support:

PowerShell 5.1 – Both signed and unsigned scripts

PowerShell 5.0 – Signed scripts only

PowerShell 4.x – Both signed and unsigned scripts

PowerShell 3.x – Both signed and unsigned scripts


For us this is causing all end-points with PowerShell version 2.x to hang and consume 90-100% of the RAM. This is the default version that came with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.


BTW: the 6.0.2 SNOW Agent works fine with the PowerShell 2.x and the same PowerShell scripts.


We upgraded PowerShell on one of the machines experiencing this hang problem, rebooted, ran the SNOW agent manually and it worked. 


With this said, has anyone else run into this issue and how did you resolve it quickly? We are looking to push out the upgrade for PowerShell, but looking at other quicker options.