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Update Service Price during checkout

Question asked by dnnsrnhrdt on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Axel

Hi @l


I have received the following request today and would like to discuss the subject with you.

We work with the SAM Automationbook and receive the published applications in Snow AP. The installation of a software does not only consist of the license costs (which are maintained in the SLM Store Tab) but also of additional service costs which have to be paid by the users or their cost centers.


At the moment there are two possibilities to adjust the costs which should be displayed in the Snow AP:

  1. directly in Snow SLM - here the license manager has to know all costs, calculate them and enter them in the appropriate field
  2. the costs have to be adjusted afterwards in the corresponding service of the Snow AP.


We are now looking for a solution where the costs can be adjusted using a third-party source (Excel, DB ,...). Either adjust the Service Price in the AP with the help of a script. Or even better the following way would be


Someone loads a service into the shopping cart. During checkout, the additional IT costs are displayed in addition to the license costs. However, it is important that the displayed price of the service is updated at this point, as this price is transferred as a fixed value in all further steps and displayed in the summaries.



Thanks for your help.