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Details about enabling Adobe Creative Cloud

Question asked by ken.staude Advocate on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by ken.staude

Hi team -


Recently in the last few versions of the SLM product there have been a lot of release notes about the Adobe Creative Cloud and enhancements. It appears that one of the recently releases introduces a SLM restriction on accessing the Adobe Creative Cloud section under Cloud within Snow License Manager (somewhere between 9.2 and 9.3). 

For an on-prem installation, within the Web Configurator where we manage most SLM-related keys (VMO/OMO/etc) we now see an entry for "Adobe Creative Cloud (ADOBECC)" and when going to SLM > Cloud > Adobe Creative Cloud, we only see a "splash/sales-type screen" with a few talking points about the option.

SLM Web Configurator

For a recent install, we have keys for most all products (SRS/ITSM/VMO/SIM) but nothing for this Adobe Creative Cloud and haven't been able to track down an answer if there is a new key to retrieve from Snow Support/Sales to enable this or if the key we have for the "Snow Integration Manager" (which historically hasn't needed a key), if this is the key necessary to enter in this ADOBECC module.


Anyone have experience here since this option/module required a key?