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AD Sync error: Unable to map value to a row in destination database

Question asked by Morgado on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by geoffrey.macquet

Hello Snowers,


I am getting the following error for the AD sync coming up from AD user discovery in Snow Inventory 5.


path-  X:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Services\ImportTool\DataImport\ErrorRows\Active Directory Users

"Unable to map value 'user name' to a row in destination database"


Could you help me understand this error? How can I troubleshoot it?


As consequence I think I am not able to get all users into SLM, therefore can't link O365 subcriptions to the user (only have 75% of linked users).


I've confirmed that the username that appear in this error log can be seen in the tables:






Thanks in advance for your inputs.