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Oracle License Assignment for Host

Question asked by CJEng on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Svetlana



Would like to ask about Oracle Order Assignment for Snow v9.2

In the Oracle License Assignment, currently oracle DB license can assign to Data Center. It is possible to assign Oracle DB License to each Host listed in Data Center? 



In Data Center, it consist of 2 Hosts which each Host require 8 processor license for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. 

In Snow, it combine both Host requirement in one view. Customer have purchased oracle db license for each Host with different CSI number. When we assigned CSI license, it only can assigned to Data Center instead of Hosts.



How can Snow assigned CSI 111 to Host A and CSI 222 to Host B, instead of assigned CSI 111 and 222 to DataCenter A.

We can't assigned license to physical host as it show 'no oracle license requirement found' as the database installed in VM under that physical host.

If Snow can't assigned based on Host, anyway that we can identify or make a note in Snow and generate the report to identify that? 


Thanks in advance.