Who do you provide SLM access to?

Discussion created by SAMBeastDavid Advocate on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Barry

Hi all,
We're currently in the implementation phase of Snow License Manager. As part of the design of the project and our internal implementation, I've been asked to give a list of users who'll have 'admin' access to Snow. These are people who can modify and change information.


I'm a SAM Team of one at the moment, so I'm the 'owner' and Software Champion for the product, but I obviously need other people to be able to use Snow too!

So far I have:



Heads of Service Desks x3 (Based on regional views)
CISO (Global)
CIO (Global)
CFO (Global)
Enterprise Architects x 2 (Global)


View only access to:
SAM Sponsor Director (Global)
Service Desk staff x 15 (for now!)

Technical Service Architects x 5 (Regional)

Am I missing anyone? How do you 'profile' users for Snow access, bearing in mind the potentially sensitive data Snow may hold?


Thanks in advance,