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I need to get user and site information for a particular OS device build

Question asked by la_maslen on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by la_maslen

Hi All


I managed to use the Operating Systems report in SLM to get a count on how many devices have which operating system, but I need to tie that to organisation (which I have autoconnect rules for) and last logged on user as well as device type.



Build - 1803

Device Type - Lenovo ThinkPad

User - Lauren Maslen

Organisation - DORSETCOUNCIL\TestTest


I've tried to do this from the Snow Inventory in SMACC, and I can get everything but last logged on user and which organisation they sit in. 


From SLM I can get everything but the version number of the OS.


Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I can get this information into once nice report to run regularly? 


Thank you