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Question asked by aurora.sullivan on Jul 10, 2019
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Does anyone else running an SPE environment experience a really long DUJ time?

One day it will be 4 hours (which is still too long) and another day it will be 7.5 hours. I have taken into consideration that we do have certain longer application jobs that run weekly which is fine but during mid-week when nothing additional or special is taking place in the DUJ, it is taking 7-8 hours. 


One observation I've made is that a Job called "JobInventoryComputerSoftwareUpdate" has a time length recorded of 3hrs8mins however, when you actually add up all of the steps within the job, it's only taken 20mins48secs? I can't go through each job and check if the steps actually equate to the time stamp given of that specific job but that's a massive difference and I believe it's what is causing the DUJ to take so long. 


We are running SLM 8.3.09. 


Any advise is very much appreciated .


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