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Sending data ONLY to a drop location?

Question asked by J.Niessalla on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by J.Niessalla

Hi @all,


concerning the Windows agent (>= vers. 5) I'm just wondering if it's possible to create a snowagent.config file which delivers the collected data ONLY to a drop location.


In the old snow clients (up to vers. 3) you could define a "Destination Folder" and it wasn't mandatory to fill in the endpoint adress.

I tried it the same way with agent 6.1 but failed because while creating a new configuration file in SMACC it says "Server is required".

Editing the snowagent.config file manually does not work, either. Executing the send command throws an error ("No endpoint can establish a connection to the server."). That's logical as there is no endpoint configured but the step concerning the drop location is not executed, either.


Well, I know about the possibilities of using a gateway server or the Inventory File Forwarder connector within SIM.

So, is it really neccessary to configure an endpoint in any case?


Greetings :-)