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How to add a fake local application to SLM

Question asked by MR on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by michel.boogaard

A customer would like to add 'fake' applications.

These do not have a registry key or executable. Their like functional applications.

They want to use it for budget calculations, manually connect computers/computers.


I read the SLM 8.3 SMACC document.

It talks about 'local applications' or 'commercial application' without registry keys or executable.

But i seem to miss where the description is how to set this up.


I already added an 'Application' in the recognition part via the SMACC without any rule, but that does not show up in the SLM Web UI.

Other applications with rules (registry key, executable) do show up and are discovered on computers. So that kind of local applications is working.


A pointer to the proper document will be helpful too.



Marcel Rijsbergen