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Support Case - Snow ServiceNow Connector Reconciliation

Question asked by AMPartner on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by ester.memoli


Snow License Manager 9.3, Snow Inventory 6.0.6


Duplicates in ServiceNow are created when: A Ci in Snow gets a new Snow ID. As long as the Snow ID remain the same it works fine, but when it changes, it causes a duplicate in ServiceNow


When we look at the Connector reconciliation script in ServiceNow, it looks like it have been altered. 

Package: CMDB Integration
Application: CMDB Integration
Script Name: TransformFunction
API Name: x_snsab_snow_sam_i.TransformFunctions

Statements in the function “FindDevice “ have been commented out, so that the reconciliation only try to match on snow_computer_id.

This code is locked in ServiceNow and can only be altered by the author ( in this case snow)


After consulting Snow, we have tried to mitigate this by activating the”Configuration Management For Scoped Apps (CMDB) plugin”.

But duplicates are still being created in Snow.

How to reproduce the error

Delete a device (we use windows client PC as test device) from Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager. Trigger the agent to scan the device again, and move the *.snowpack file to incoming. Hereby the device is created with a new snow ID - and a duplicate is created in ServiceNow.


Customer project is stock because of “data quality issues”, this is the main issue