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Blacklisted Software and some changes that would be good

Question asked by mark.bonham Advocate on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by roger.jud1

Snow uses a rather broad-brush approach to Blacklisted Software and tends to capture all.  It needs a little review and understand how this impacts at the coal front.


Using the Criteria under Application Blacklist, for example games% will pull in some items that are not games.  One example is Valve Corporation Steam, this is a primary application for Virtual Reality devices and is not a game in certain situations and certainly not for my organisation.  Sadly Snow throws this up as the top Blacklisted item and the only option I have been given is to specify all games individually by name to list as games.  That rather inefficient, time consuming and not really an option.


There is also the Standard Report "Blacklisted applications per computer", which gives you a picture of what has been used that is deemed Blacklisted but could be in last few months but is not necessarily installed.  This leads to frustration because systems that have already been checked and updated are continually listed.  The impact is that people view the reports, ignore them as the same systems are listed and/or stop trusting the output in the reports. The changes I would like to see are to have two reports "Blacklisted applications used per computer for period" AND "Blacklisted applications per computer currently installed".


Last is a need to know where the application is located, as in some cases the application is not installed and is located in a user folder or slave drive.  Having the install path on the report "Blacklisted applications per computer currently installed" would help quickly identify what needs to be done and if this can be automated.


I would welcome comments and updates.