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How to assign licenses with Azure Hybrid use Benefit?

Question asked by JanTreur on Jul 15, 2019

I would like to use my spare Windows server Standard licenses with active SA to license the Azure VM's we have.

Azure VM's are inventoried in SLM, but are always shown as Datacenter installations and the amount of vcpu's is not inventoried correct in SLM. In our case we are using Azure VM's with a different versions of Windows server, but always inventoried as Datacenter or Enterprise.


I can use the Windows Server Standard Core licenses to license these Azure VM's using the Hybrid Use Benefit. So a minimum of 8 cores per azure vm is used, in Azure I simply have to set the AHUB option on, so it is charged as a linux WM (The OS component is not charged).


What is the best way to assign licenses in this situation in Snow license manager, are there any best practices available?