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Allocation of Office 365 users

Question asked by alexander.butzlaff Advocate on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by alexander.butzlaff

Hi all,


since Snow Support is not exactly helpful with this topic I try an seek advice with the community. I am working with SLM 7 (Revision 24, Build 6163) at the moment upgrading to 8.x is no option. I need to project Office 365 licenses to actual usage, however as far as I know I cannot simply connect to the O365 admin portal to have this done autmatically in this release of SLM.


Now I could of course - as Snow support suggested - edit the license object, use Ctrl+A to select all users and allocate them to the license. The problem is, users are imported from Active Directory. So including all the generic and admin accounts and so on there are roughly 1,000 users more than there are actual IT users. Plus, not all of these IT users use Office 365. Still, we are talking about 1,600 people or so that need to be allocated.


Any idea how I can solve the problem without selecting each user manually in the license object and allocate them?


Thanks in advance and best regards,