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Web Application non-compliant or free to use?

Question asked by EE on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by EE

Since turning on web metering in January, I have noticed and reported a large number of web applications being accessed by our users. In some cases the application are reflective of the application fleet we use, however majority of the web apps reported have been accessed by users via a browser, either to complete a form, do free online training, or just through the normal course of accessing and using a website. In some cases the transition from website to web app is seamless for the user. 


Currently Snow is reporting most of these web apps as non-compliant. I agree that these are licenseable applications, but it's the website administrator that needs to be licensed not the user. 


Is there some way that this can be managed within Snow?


If we wanted to take an overall compliance figure from Snow these results would skew our results. Thanks