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Email Notification

Question asked by ITSO-AS Advocate on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by markus.metzger

We have around 200 Users who need to use Snow to manage their licenses.The problem is, that Snow only shows notifications in the SLM Dashboard if for example a license expires. We have a custom field for the application owner, but since it's not possible to add custom fields as criteria for custom notification we would have to create a custom notification for every license... Why isn't it possible to automatically send Email notifications to the user who is entered in the custom field? It's really laborious to configer Email Notifications, but I think this should be  a core requirement for a Snow because not everyone logs in to the SLM daily to check their licenses... Does someone know a way to achieve somethink like this? Since Snow is not able to implement such simple features, I'll probably have to create a script for this...