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Import of User Information

Question asked by sven.schmitz on Jul 29, 2019
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short question. Is it possible to import User Names to a license which still have a metrik "named User" ?

We still have a license object which have more than 500 "named User". This object get a renewal every year, in this case we set an actual renewal date in the license object. In the coures of the year, we get a huge amount of new licenses (with single invoices) of the product, which we capture as singel / separate license object in the system to show a history in snow regarding the year.


The renewal in the end of the year ist still about all licenses (500 plus all single licensens regarding the year).

In this case we set a new renewal date in the big license object and than we put the additional ammount of the single licenses as complete new ammount in the license (for example: 650 than) know we have to take all "named user" from the single license objects to the big license object. Is their an option to import the user from the single licenses in an easy way to the big license object, or still have we do it manually ?


Thank's for feedback.


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