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My Notification alerts for stolen assets

Question asked by TrustedITAM on Jul 31, 2019

Has anyone successfully used SLM > Administration > My Notifications to report on Computers that have reappeared in SLM. For example I get notified by the Service Desk when Laptops get stolen and I Archive them from Snow after adding a note to them in a custom field. The custom field contains the reason why they are Archived and in this case would be "Stolen", in other scenarios it would say "Retired" or "In Maintenance" etc.....  This allows me to report on them using the Archive Computer report and the custom field with the value Stolen.


What I'm trying to do is create a notification to alert me if the computer reappears in Snow as its not really stolen or has been stolen and is a potential security breach.  I know the computer name and can add this to the My Notification at time of archiving. Then if a stolen computer reappears I will be informed and can check the last logged on user to help track it down or take other appropriate action.


So far I've tried 4 different Computer Notifications and none are triggering.  I'm using my computer at the moment as the test PC as I know its going to report in daily so should trigger a notification


I've tried My Notifications > Computer > Updated with criteria:


  1. Computer name = MYPCID and last scanned within 1 week. Also tried Last scanned in 1 week;
  2. Computer name = MYPCID and Last scanned after specific date (date when I was informed it was stolen);
  3. Computer name = MYPCID and Computer status = Active;
  4. Just Computer name = MYPCID (just to see if this triggers)


For these I have tried using the Before Update and After Update in the criteria but this doesn't make any difference and not really sure why this is there?


If anyone has any ideas or success in doing something like this I'd be really interested.  If I can get this to work then the notifications can be sent directly to the Service / EUC / IT Security teams automatically.##f