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How To Stop DUJ Message Shown In SMACC?

Question asked by Laurence_John_REYNOLDS on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by Dominik_Podgorski

We are currently using SIM V5.7.0 / SIS V5.4.1 / SLM V8.3.3

At our DBAs request we have just recently changed to using Domain accounts for make the DB connections for Snow License Manager (SLM) and Snow Inventory (SI) in the Snow Management And Configuration Center (SMACC) instead of the Snow created LicenseManagerUser SQL User-Id.

Everything is working after this transition except for one thing.  In SMACC, if we try to modify the settings of the DUJ we get the message "Only owner of a job schedule or member of sysadmin role can modify or delete the job schedule"


DUJ Message In SMACC


We have raised this issue with APAC Snow Support.  Initially they said we could treat this message as advisory but when we asked them for an official statement to that effect they bactracked and started to ask for a lot more information.  We provided all the requested information and the last thing we needed todo was ensure that our Domain User accounts had the same SQL accesses as specified in the relevant Snow documents for which they provided the following URLs


Having looked at these Snow documents we asked our DBAs to provide our Domain User accounts with the access privileges specified in the documents.  Our DBAs then asked why such high level SQL access privileges were required (we work in a very secure environment and anything above basic privileges must be justified).  So we requested the justifications for the accesses from Snow and this is the reply we got back



Not very helpful.


So has anybody in the Snow community encountered the same message and managed to fix it?  If so what was your solution?  Any advice would be gratefully received.