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AD vs Snow

Question asked by cinfin on Aug 10, 2017
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Hi all,


I am curious if anyone has experience or input on this matter.  During an audit situation, if the vendor runs an AD report to compare to Snow to make sure we are inventorying all systems and the system shows up as disabled in AD, do vendors count that as a licensed system or do they accept that it is disabled and unable to be logged into?  In our case we are looking to disable systems in AD for terminations, or system swaps so we can remove the system from Snow, but only if this would not hurt us in an audit.  We do this incase we need to retrieve any info off of the system at a later date.  The system could sit on a pallet for a couple weeks or months before being reimaged and renamed. If the system is enabled and turned on for any reason it would show back up in Snow.  


Any adive would be greatly appreciated.