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Is the report of the computer standards really useful?

Question asked by Jackridder on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by Oliver.Berger

Hello together,

I have been working with the administration tool computer standards for the last few days. There I noticed the following things:

  1. is it possible that hardware information is not correctly inventoried?
    An example: My computer has 8GB RAM. SNOW detects 8072MB RAM on my own system. If I set the computer standard to 8GB, I have to buy more RAM because I don't have 8GB (8192MB) but only 8072MB. This means that the computer standard report contains incorrect information. The same is the case with hard disk storage. Instead of 250GB 238GB are recognized. I also understand why this happens, but for the report the values are unfortunately useless.
  2. Why does the report suggest a RAM upgrade if there are no free slots available in the computer itself?
    An example: I have 8GB RAM and no free slots. As computer standard I have defined 16GB RAM. Now the report tells me that I can simply buy more 8GB RAM, but I can't install it because there are no free slots available.
  3. what does the report or SNOW do with the RAM if only a replacement of the RAM remains?
    If I understand the right one, then the RAM bars will theoretically be thrown away. Wouldn't it perhaps be a possibility (maybe even for the idea board) if the freed up RAM could be built into computers that have enough slots? This could ensure that resources are used as efficiently as possible. It also saves costs.
    An Example: The computer default is 16GB RAM, I have 8GB RAM and no free slot (but a total of 2 slots). Another computer also has 8GB RAM but 2 additional free slots. This other computer could then take my 8GB RAM to meet the standard, while I need new RAM bars with a total of 16GB.


How do you see this? Have you already noticed that? Are there any workarounds that don't require exporting to an Excel document to filter and adjust?


You can see an example report here