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Snow vs SCCM for Asset Inventory source of truth

Question asked by SAMtheFireman on Aug 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by adam-alphagen

Hello friendly Snow Community people


We have Snow SLM8 firmly implemented, and are looking to stand up Snow ServiceNow connector to populate our ServiceNow CMDB and AMDB with lovely normalised data from Snow.  I have agreement with our technical and architectural colleagues to use Snow inventory data as single source of truth for all Desktop hardware and software, but there is a steer to use SCCM for Windows Server hardware and software.


I'm not necessarily against this, or agitating for Snow over SCCM for Server inventory; I just want the right decision to be made from a position of knowledge.


Does anyone have experience with implementations in this realm, and where they have successfully proven one's value over the other?  Or anyone know of any white papers or other such publications which cover this?  It's easy to find articles (and argue) regarding Snow's ability to manage SAM over SCCM, but this isn't about that.


Thanks in advance