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Why could a user lose it's corresponding organisation?

Question asked by LuukS on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by mike.rossouw

I hope I can explain it correctly;

Via the Importtool I import userdata including an organisation-unit to connect the user with the corresponding organisation-unit. 
Manually i've made the organisation-structure via the SMACC, with rules connecting computers with the organisation based on the primary user. 



Now this connecting off the user with it's corresponding organisation-unit works (with some exceptions).
However around 5% of the users already connected to their organisation-unit a day later seem to have been connected to the root of the structure instead.
I'm not sure why this happens.
If I run the import again with the same file almost all of those users get connected again with the right organisation-unit.


So it seems that after the Data Update Job a lot of users lose their organisation.


Does anyone know any reasons for this to happen?
 Or what I should check / how I could fix this?


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