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User Licenses Overview

Question asked by sven.schmitz on Sep 9, 2019



We still have applications which are  use user based licenses. So in the license object we assign the user directly, but it is also possible that user still have an installation of the software and use it, but don't have a license assigned.


Know I want to know, how I can find out which user have a license and which not. I try to get abvoe the application, because their I can see the total amount of user's and also their is also a button which show the "User".


But their ypu find only the User's which use the software in the last month and not regarding the whole year. So I cannot see which user have a license and which not (only partitial)....Is it possible to switch that situation ? In the application settings the setting is "all Computeruser", so their is no restriction about usage (for last month).

Thank you for your help.


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