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Named computer/named user gone from column selector

Question asked by PernillaEdlund on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by dschigt

I miss Named Computer and Named User in Licens list - it used to be in availiable in column selector (SLM 7).

Is there a way to make assignments visible in License list (SLM Version 8.3 Revision 10 Build 7130)?


I used to use it to quickly find licenses assigned to a specific computer /user.

For example, if I have received information that a computer has been discarded and I want to quickly find licenses allocated to that computer - even those that do not have an application installed / invented.
(If I know which application it is I can use assignements tab från the application. If the application is installed I can use the Applications view from Computer)
Thanks in advance!