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SLM: Missing SQL Jobs after Update

Question asked by mathias.wickel Advocate on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by Oliver.Berger


i have updated the License Manager to version 9.3.2 and the Snow Inventory to version 6.1 (from version 8 and 5) last week. Now I noticed today that the DataUpdateJob is no longer running. After looking into the database I noticed that all SQL jobs (DataUpdateJob 2.0) are not there or were not installed during the update. Only the DataUpdateJob is displayed and not all other jobs.


I have just noticed that I have withdrawn the SA rights from the SQL user.

How do I start the update of the SQL jobs when I have a SQL SA user again? 

Where must the SA User be stored for the update? The connection String in the WebConfigurator and Inventoryserver.config contains only the LicenseManagerUser.


Thank you for your help!