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MS O365 and MLS Imports doubling License's

Question asked by Jaymac on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by Jaymac

Recently we imported out Microsoft MLS and afterwards discovered that we have now doubled up on all O365 licences.


Because we are using the O365 connector, we didn't realise that because the MLS also contained O365 subscription data that we would be effectively doubling our licencing numbers with half coming from the Licences imported into SLM, and the other half being reported directly through the O365 connector.


Here is an example using Visio Online Plan 2 from the Applications Tab:



The Compliance section even highlights the double licensing.



Now if I go and have a look just at all Microsoft Visio (link under the Microsoft Visio Online Plan 2 heading), Under Licenses, I am only presented with the 1 entry that was from the MLS Import, and there is nothing reported at all for Licenses coming from the O365 connector.


Has anyone noticed this behavior when using both the O365 connector or MLS Imports? Is it meant to be working in this fashion?How to you manage this in your organisation? Thoughts to resolve?


My next issue is that the Microsoft Visio Online Plan 2 allows for the local installation of Visio on a PC and the configuration of SRS recognises this as a bundle, however under Bundle Content, it does not list any programs in the bundle which is making me wonder, is the Licence usage of MS Visio Online Plan 2 reporting only those who use the Online version and not know that they are licenced for the Local installed version? 


Help...the more I look into this the more confused I am getting.