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MACOS Agent v6.2

Question asked by adam-alphagen on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by adam-alphagen

Hi everyone


I've encountered an issue with a Mac computer when I upgrade it from v6.01 of the agent to v6.2. Using 6.01 the agent runs happily and sends snowpacks to the inventory server which processes it and updates the inventory. However, as soon as the agent is update to v6.2 the snowpack files aren't being processed correctly and end up in the errors folder of the inventory server. The log file gives this error....


2019-09-18T10:12:35+01:00;data-processor;;;;Sequence contains no matching element


If I run snowagent manifest before and after the upgrade I'm seeing the same information, but it looks like the inventory server doesn't recognise the computer identity and therefore doesn't update the inventory.


Any ideas why?