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AP "Atoms" Playbooks. What is the difference?

Question asked by ChrisJ on Sep 23, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2019 by ChrisJ

Hello Snow,


Can you tell me the difference between these AP Playbooks:


  • Cloud Saas Atoms for Microsoft Office 365 Automation VS. Cloud SaaS Automation for Microsoft Office 365

  •  Virtualization Atoms for VMware vSphere Automation VS. Virtualization Automation for VMware vSphere


If different, can you give me just a brief summary?

If they actually the same thing, which playbook should I be using?


Links attached to user guides. The user guides look very similar. One with more info, the other with less but no discernable differences I can see after a quick review.  I have not delved deeply into the technical installation of these playbooks. We just want to inform our Snow customers what would be the best solution for their needs. 


Your assistance and guidance are much appreciated. Thank you.