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Greyed Out/Not Selectable Menu Options

Question asked by esiaboni on Sep 27, 2019
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Hi All,


I have Snow v8.3 Revision 10 Build 7130.


When using the software I see that several options on the menu are "Grey"/Not Selectable.


For example - I click on Applications and get the following


- Applications Overview (Selectable)

- Search for Applications (Selectable)

- List all applications (Selectable)

- Application Details (Grey Out/Not Selectable)

- Application Manufacturers (Selectable)

- Manufacturer Details (Grey Out/Not Selectable)

- Application Family Details (Grey Out/Not Selectable)

- Application Reports (Selectable)


Can anyone tell my why the above options are Greyed Out/Not Selectable .Several other menu bar options such as Computer , Users, Licenses have similar thing where some of the options are greyed out/not selectable.