Best Practices naming your Custom Fields

Discussion created by stefan.ahsberg1 on Sep 30, 2019

Custom fields are a useful way to help customize Snow License Manager to display information in a way that is relevant to you and your organization. To create a custom field, you will go into Administration in SLM:



Under Administration you will find Custom Fields, click it to get into configuration and then click “Add custom field”:



You will then be presented with a pop-up window where you will name your Custom field, set the Category, Type, an optional Description field and a check box for if the field should be Mandatory:



The different Categories:

The different Types for all Categories:


When it comes to naming your fields, it usually makes sense to call them to something self-explanatory for what they are going to be used for, e.g. ‘Agreement Period’, ‘License’ or ‘PVU’.



However, some names could be considered “reserved” by Snow, and they could cause problems with future versions and when upgrading Snow License Manager.



A real scenario:

In a recent customer upgrade, who was going from SLM 9.1 to 9.2 through SUS, it failed and logged an error saying that it couldn’t upgrade to a duplicate value of ‘PVU’. This was identified to be the name of a Custom Field, and when that name was changed, the upgrade went through without any issues.


The recommendation is to give it some thought when naming your Custom Fields, and to choose one that makes sense to your organization and what it should be used for. Then give it a name that will make it unique, e.g. ‘CustomerName_CustomFieldName’.




For more information on Custom Fields and how to configure them, please see the SLM user guide:
User Guide: Web User Interface Snow License Manager version 9 (en-us)

User Guide: SLM Web User Interface - Update revision 8.3