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Number of Rules - Software Recognition Service (SRS)

Question asked by roger.jud1 Advocate on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by adam-alphagen

As we want to be able to check if SRS is working proper, we are looking for a reliable method to check some parameters in our environment to be sure, that SRS is up to date.

Currently we do this on one hand with checking if DUJ was executed successfully. But, as we found out this is no guarantee, that our SRS-Rules are really up to date.

So we got some sql statements from Snow to do a deeper analysis and also to be able to compare both of our environments:

use SnowLicenseManager

--Shows the latest Date of an SRS application definition update

select max (SRSupdatedate) from tblapplication

--Shows the current number of Snow's global generated application definitions

select count(*) from tblApplication

   where GloballyGeneratedApplication =1

--Shows the current number of application rules created by Snow

select count(*) from tblapplicationrule

   where CreatedBy like 'Snow'

These statements give you transparency over the last record updated and also the number of application definitions and rules generated by Snow.


Currently (2019-10-09 17:00:06.680) we count: 626'600 applications and 781'609 application rules.

(unfortunately we have some less in our test environment 626'593 and 781'595, created a ticket to clarify why)


A second check we do is the Applications count in SMACC which shows 571'969 (571'962)


My questions are:

- Can anyone confirm that these statements are 100% reliable and showing correct results?

- Does anyone have additional checks or requirements?

- Can Snow provide somewhere a number of records (rules) a customer can compare with?