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Possibility of unidirectional communication between Service Gateway and Master Inventory

Question asked by max.kieselbach on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by tom.lineen

Hello everyone,


so today a customer asked me whether the communication between the Master Inventory and the Service Gateway is bidircetional or unidirectional.

A little background to this question. The customer has a DMZ and wants to use a Service Gateway to gather the respective inventories and push them on the Master Inventory. They asked me if it's possible to only open one direction (Service Gateway to Master Inventory). I checked the documentation for the Service Gateway and there are scenarios described, where the Master Inventory provides information (e.g. in case of a self update, the master inventory provides the .exe etc.). But in the architecture document there is only one direction shown (Service Gateway to Master Inventory).


Can someone tell me ifit's possible to restrict the communication to one direction?


Thank you in advance.