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Allow simultaneous multiple versions

Question asked by Morgado on Oct 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by Morgado

Hello Snowers,


In our environment we have several applications which are listed twice in the "installed applications".

One of the examples is Windows SQL Server.


This is happening because the machines may have two different agents installed inventorying data (Ivanti and BigFix). As BigFix uses pre-recognition, the SQL server in most cases shows with the Edition (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard). And as the Ivanti recogniziton is "poor", the SQL may show without edition (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server 2016).


This situation causes that we have the same Application listed twice and of course with the double of license requirements.


We have tried to use the option "Allow simultaneous multiple versions" but doesn't appear to help. Both entries continue to have license requirements.


While this issue between connectors recognition is not sorted out, do you have any idea why this solution is not working? If there is no edition this couldnt be considered a standard one as there is a "standard" edition installed?


Thanks in advance for your inputs.


Gonçalo Morgado.