The New Task Monitor

Discussion created by oskar.frolin2 Employee on Oct 18, 2019


I have gotten a preview introduction to a new function in Automation Platform from my colleagues at R&D. The new function is called Task Monitor and it looks cool, a nice development of the Task functionality. For those of you that are not familiar with Tasks in Automation Platform I’ll give a short description of the functionality:

In AP you can create and assign a Task to an individual user or a group of users.

The owner of a Task can find them under Manage -> My Tasks

We decide the meaning of the task in our design, common examples:

  • Approval – Approve or Deny the process to continue
  • Expensive software request approvals
  • Request input
  • Provide personal information as a part of Onboarding
  • Confirmation
  • Confirm that you are done with a manual step of a process that could not be automated.


Example of an approval Task for a Software request:


The New Task Monitor is a tool for your AP Administrator to overview and manage owners of your active Tasks in the system.

Your AP administrator can set new owners for specific or multiple tasks, and let your process continue.


We should of course try to design our processes so that we don’t get stuck on a Task but in reality your first approver might be on vacation, the second one is on sick leave and the third one is just too busy to act.


DISCLAIMER: This is not the final version and the final version might look/function different.


Task Monitor is in the Administer menu:


The default view gives you an overview of all Tasks in the system.

Change owners

To change owner on a Task, click the edit button and add or remove the users or groups in the dialog.



Bulk Actions

We can change owners on a group of Tasks by using the Bulk Actions menu.

If we need to change all Tasks owned by User1 to another user, we can filter out all Tasks owned by User1 and then select them all and choose change owner from the Bulk Action menu.

Export to CSV

We can export the list of Tasks to excel if we need to, and the filters we’ve added are applied on the export.

To export a list of all Tasks related to User1 as a requesting user, enter User1 in the filter and then click Export to CSV.

Result in excel:



I am looking forward for the release of this function!


Please share your thoughts and ideas on how this can be used and what development you would like to see for this functionality in the comments below