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Change assignment type to computer - SQL

Question asked by Morgado on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by Samuel

Hi Snowers,


Trying to do a simple task of change the assignment type of around 5k licenses from Organisation to Computer\Datacenter.


I've used the query "update tblLicense Set AssignmentType = 1 where LicenseID = 11111" but doesnt appear to work totally. For example these licenses are not part of the some reports like Unassigned Licenses.


Therefore it appears that the change was implemented as it changed the assignment, but nothing changed on the background, e.g. reports associated.


What am I missing here?


The idea of changing the assignment is coz these licenses are not yet assigned to anything (nodes without computers) so the goal is to give visibility to them through the "Unassigned Licenses" Report. But they will appear there only if the Assignment type is not Organisation.