Craig Moss

Local Authorities Unite!

Discussion created by Craig Moss Advocate on Nov 6, 2019

Hi Snow people,


My name is Craig Moss and I am responsible for Software Asset Management at Liverpool City Council. I am a big believer in working collaboratively and knowledge sharing, why else are we here on this platform right? But as local authorities we differ from private sector companies, we face different challenges but we're all in the same boat. We can all relate to each other.


We're all working in our own little silo's when the reality is we're all being hammered by central government, all having our costs cut and under increasing pressure to save money. Chances are, as we did, you chose to implement Snow as a way to ultimately save money. How's that working out? Between us we have so much knowledge we can't afford to sit on it, so let's share it.


We're a cagey and suspicious lot. Sharing information is sometimes seen as risky for us. We don't like to stick our head above the parapet but it doesn't and shouldn't be this way.


I would be interested in sharing my knowledge and experience with others, learning about what has worked well for other local authorities and sharing best practices.


I have been using Snow now for the better part of five years. I have learned a lot over that time, I have enjoyed a good relationship with Snow, I have spoken on the Snowstorm customer success panel and have been a Snow Advocate for a long time.


So whether you're a Snow vet or just implemented it, if you're interested in a little bit of like-minded networking and creating something of a circle then get in touch. Either private message here or email me at


Very informal, friendly attitude and completely confidential. If there is enough appetite I'm sure Snow could facilitate a meet but other than that, I look forward to hearing from you.