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Invalid license assignment - overassignment

Question asked by Morgado on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by carola.iberl

Hi Snowers,


I've noticed a strange behavior of the SLM after a potential "correct assignment".

I would like to share with you before open a official support case.


The scenario is the following:

  • VMware VSphere Installation with 2 CPUs as license requirement
  • VSphere License Qt 1
  • VSphere License Qt 1


When assigning these 2 licenses to a single Hostname that requires 2 CPUs we can see that the vShpere appears as covered when looking at Computer level:


But  this hostname is still showing as "not covered" looking into a Compliance Report because two licenses are assgined and SLM can't merge both lines:



Also, in the invalid assignment one of these 2 licenses are showing as overassigned:




Any thoughts on why this is happening?