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Linux computers get listed twice beause of "Operating System (normalized)" has 2 values for same computer - Why? And what's the rationale behind? Or ist it a Bug?

Question asked by snowtom on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by geoffrey.macquet

Does anyone know what's the meaning of having a Linux computer listed and counted TWICE in "Reports > All reports > Standard reports > All Computer" because of:
a) Operating System is listed as "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server" but the computer appears TWICE
b) when adding Column "Operating system (normalized)" there is cause for this doubling, because now it's showing:
   1.) "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server"
   2.) "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server (Bundle Component)"
What is that OS 'Bundle Component'?
And why is this computer listed and counted TWICE?


We discovered this because we got different counts of reports
  i) "Reports > All reports > Standard reports > All Computer"
  ii) "Computers > List all Computers"


It turned out, that the difference is exactly the amount of bundle-servers that were _additionally_ listed/counted in report i)


Could anyone shed some light on this?